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Effortless statement Shoes to enjoy Spring time!


Created with a passion for Elegance and not giving in on Comfort!


With EIJK shoes, you will have an elegant and stylish look while walking in easy going flats and comfy heels.

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Ever longed for dancing all night on heels without suffering?.

What inspired Jolanda to start her own shoe brand

Some Insights from Jolanda

My personal experience with painful feet from wearing high heels ignited my passion for creating EIJK. I envisioned elegant shoes that you can comfortably wear around the clock. EIJK stands out with its commitment to timeless design with a unique twist and dedication to sustainability . I aim to craft shoes that offer lasting comfort and style , while consciously choosing materials and processes that are kind to the planet.

Denis step-in Ankle boots in beautiful beige color leather


A Passion for Comfort and Style

I am Jolanda van Eijk, the designer behind EIJK shoes. My belief is simple yet powerful: products should offer comfort and an instant great look.
Elegant Women shoes with the unique comfy EIJK heels

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Pair your EIJK shoes with your favorite work attire. Style and comfort can go hand in hand!

Let me know the shoes you’d like to try, and I’ll prepare the perfect size and model for you at my studio.

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