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No Fear of Fashion – with Eijk sandals on the brocante market Haarlem

Shoes featured: Lucille


Here you see the whole outfit with the bright blue top which I wore in last week’s post. I wore it again to the brocante market in Haarlem with Sylvia of 40+Style. It is an easy outfit. As I get older, I appreciate ease and comfort more and more. Still wearing the high heels and tighter dresses, but I am getting better in saying no to uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

We will start with the outfits Sylvia and I were wearing. Later on some Street Style photos of other women as well.

Below: Bag Marina Rinaldi from the Max Mara outlet two years ago. Bracelet: Little Mole Boutique. Sandals: my trusted address for comfortable and stylish shoes: Eijk Amsterdam. You can adjust the top strap as there is velcro involved. You cannot see it, but it is heaven when your feet swell in the heat. Trousers are old, as is the belt. Both are items I treasure.

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Clever heels

SHOE design makers

featuring: Anne classic pumps

Jolanda van Eijk started her career as a fashion designer. She has worked as a freelance designer for several brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Super Trash. In 2014 Jolanda has launched her first footwear collection with an optical high stiletto heel with a distinctive twist. Especially created for women with elegance, who’d like to wear heels all day long.

Clever  heels

Mad about heels but getting crazy of sore feet after a long day of running around? That’s exactly what Jolanda van Eijk, owner of Dutch shoe label Eijk, felt like. She developed a clever kind of heel with the look of a stiletto heel but the ease of a wedge, which she attached to a remarkable collection shoes, boots and even sandals!

Acquiring skills
Jolanda started her shoe label in 2014 after a career in fashion design and a training at the Dutch Shoe Academy. At this academy she learned how to make shoes by hand, a skill she believed she’d had to acquire to understand every single step that is made during the manufacturing of shoes.

Italian craftmanship
Eijk shoes are made in the Italian region Marche – a region that is famous for its craftsmanship in shoe manufacturing. All different parts are being made in multiple specialised workshops by the best shoemakers Jolanda could find. In the end, all parts are being assembled in another workshop after which the footwear finds its way to Eijks headquarters in Amsterdam and further on to an increasing clientele that knows how to appreciate a clever, edgy and still comfortable high heeled piece of footwear.

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No Fear of Fashion on Eijk Joan Cream

No Fear of Fashion Joan Cream back

No Fear of Fashion on Eijk Joan Cream

hit the jackpot with these cream booties. Because…:

  • I love cream booties. No…, I adore cream booties and boots
  • they have an elegant heel and some height but feel like flat shoes
  • I can wear my support soles in them
  • they are modern and look awesome with skinnies
  • and most of all…. I can wear them with bare feet and from the moment I put them on, I could shop on them all day long

Now isn’t that fantastic? I love them to death. They are by a Duch brand called Eijk, based in Amsterdam, but are also sold in more places. And online. OK, they are not cheap. Stupid me, I forgot to check the price before trying them on and found out how much they were at the pay desk. But perhaps that was faith. Because I might not have tried them, had I known the price beforehand. And missing out on them would have been a shame as they are so worth the price. No, I do not get any money or gifts for this review. I bought them myself. Just being very enthusiastic. Every woman should have such shoes.


No Fear of Fashion on Eijk Joan Cream
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Virtual Shoe Museum – Eijk

Eijk Virtual Shoe Museum

Shoes featured: DRITA, RUBY, JO

EIJK Shoes are the perfect combination of elegance, edginess and simplicity. Our optical high heel creates a truly seductive shoe for women with a strong style identity. EIJK offers the ideal shoe for women who require a sophisticated look to carry them from early morning until late at night.

Jolanda, the creator of EIJK and an avid heel wearer, dreamt of a flirty heel which could be comfortably worn 24/7. A fashionable shoe that she could wear to a business meeting, romantic lunch, or on a stroll to an opening night; with that in mind, Jolanda created the optical high stiletto heel with the distinctive EIJK twist.

The EIJK capsule collection consists of 13 models in a diverse range of materials and colors. EIJK is created for confident women with unique style, who love an elegant look.

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ELLE – EIJK publication

Elle Juni 2014 ELLE Juni 14 EIJK Nena cream

Shoes featured: NENA

In ELLE Juni 2014

Eijk is on a mission to make high quality shoes for women, that feel like slippers…Shoes designed by a woman for woman.
With a permanent collection Jolanda created timeless luxury footwear that is not based on trends, but want to remain a CLASSIC for each women.

The shoes are made in small editions by scaled Italian Craftsmen. So no mass productions to ensure that the focus is on quality, durability and comfort.

The 6cm optical high heel.

Which is a comfortable heel height to enjoy your day. With the exclusive and unique Eijk heel you get extra support underneath your feet. Which gives you an elegant look and the possibility to have a good day without burning feet. When you look from center back, you see the thin stiletto heel. And when you look at the side you see the cool wedge look, that gives your feet the support during the day.