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Unique Upcycling Collaboration

de Bijenkorf x de Wasserij x EIJK

In an era where sustainable fashion is not just a trend but a necessity, a groundbreaking collaboration has emerged: ‘de Bijenkorf’, the Netherlands’ premier luxury department store known for its commitment to conscious and sustainable fashion, has joined forces with ‘de Wasserij’ and EIJK. This initiative marks a significant step in redefining the lifecycle of fashion products.

The genesis of this collaboration lies in the shared vision of de Bijenkorf and de Wasserij to breathe new life into rejected, returned, and unsold items, transforming them into high-quality, desirable products. This vision aligns perfectly with the ethos of EIJK, known for its innovative approach to fashion design.

Same Leopard Love

Melepony M x EIJK

Two designers who were looking for the Leopard print.

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