The shoes

EIJK is on a mission to make high quality shoes for women that feel like slippers. Shoes designed by a woman for women. Jolanda van Eijk designed a permanent collection of contemporary luxury footwear. Not based on trends, but modern classics for every woman.


The shoes are made in small editions by skilled Italian craftsmen. No mass production to ensure the focus is on quality, durability and comfort.


The EIJK collection is based on a heel height of 2.36” with an optical illusion. It looks like a stiletto heel from the back while the side gives you the idea of an edgy half wedge, a longer supporting heel.


Nowadays EIJK has 2 heel heights:

  • the 2.36”
  • the 3.15” with a plateau.


The collection also includes shoes with the optical illusion of a block heel. From the back it looks like a block heel and from the side like a very elegant thin heel.


Next to these heels, you can also find some cool flat shoes.


EIJK shoes in short.


  • Comfort shoes
  • Pointed toe
  • Memory foam insole
  • Black outsole line
  • EIJK heels with optical illusion


Dutch Design
Made in Italy

Leather used

EIJK uses leather which has a soft feeling.

It can be goat or cow leather for the outside of the shoes. The lining is always made of calf leather, which is the softest for your feet.


The leathers are tanned with a traditional tanning technique, without the harmful chrome process. The leather is smoothly coloured, not coated with layers of paint, so you will see and feel the grain of the leather. This gives you the real benefits of leather: no smelly feet and very soft for your skin.


We have used some medium vegetal tanned leather in our collection. And we are aiming to use more and more vegetable tanned leathers. This process respects man and environment as the leather is tanned with natural tanning ingredients, like plant and tree extracts.


The python, crocodile and tiger are all printed on cow leather.

The black python print is used in different ways. Some shoes are not brushed after they are finished, to give them a cool non-shiny look. Others we do brush after they are finished to get a shiny look.


The shoes