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de Bijenkorf x de Wasserij x EIJK

In an era where sustainable fashion is not just a trend but a necessity, a groundbreaking collaboration has emerged: ‘de Bijenkorf’, the Netherlands’ premier luxury department store known for its commitment to conscious and sustainable fashion, has joined forces with ‘de Wasserij’ and EIJK. This initiative marks a significant step in redefining the lifecycle of fashion products.

The genesis of this collaboration lies in the shared vision of de Bijenkorf and de Wasserij to breathe new life into rejected, returned, and unsold items, transforming them into high-quality, desirable products. This vision aligns perfectly with the ethos of EIJK, known for its innovative approach to fashion design.

Denim ankle Chesea boots with elastic to easily sliding in the shoe

Capsule collection

In this unique partnership, 7 designers from ‘de Wasserij’, including the renowned shoe label EIJK, meticulously curated selections from ‘de Bijenkorf’s provided clothing.

This project presented an exceptional opportunity for EIJK to venture beyond their usual leather materials. Utilizing denim damaged by water, EIJK crafted an exclusive capsule collection of shoes, showcasing the versatility and commitment to EIJK’s sustainable shoe design practices. 

Furthermore, Jolanda van Eijk, the creative force behind EIJK, has ‘re-designed‘ various other articles, producing a new Upcycled clothing collection.

The value of fabrics and materials

This collaboration is more than just a fusion of creative minds; it’s proof of the potential of alternative materials and the power of viewing design from a fresh perspective.

By uniting under the collaborative project, the brands from ‘de Wasserij’ emphasize the inherent value of fabrics and materials. ‘De Bijenkorf’ frequently encounters items that are damaged or do not conform to the demands of the brand. These products, despite their high-quality materials, are unsalable due to defects. The designers involved in this project have shown that clothing with stains, holes, other damages, or reasons unsalable don’t have to be discarded. Employing various upcycling techniques, they have revitalized these damaged garments into unique, wearable pieces.

Participating brands include:

  • Versatile Forever
  • EIJK
  • Atelier Markx
  • DAIR Design
  • Studio Ilfa Siebenhaar
  • Construct to Survive
  • Marlou Verheijden
  • Rosalie Key
  • Ari van Twillert

  • This collaboration not only gives damaged articles a second life but also provides a national platform for Rotterdam’s sustainable brands.

    In conclusion, de Bijenkorf x de Wasserij collaboration is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a movement towards sustainability, showcasing how creativity and innovation can lead to more ethical and environmentally friendly fashion choices.

    It’s a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

    Denim ankle Chesea boots with elastic to easily sliding in the shoe

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