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our Story

What is EIJK ?

EIJK is a high-end shoe brand originated in Amsterdam. The brand was founded in 2013 by designer Jolanda van Eijk.

EIJK is bringing unique design shoes with a powerful, contemporary yet timeless style. The shoes are made from high-quality leather, with comfort and perfection for your feet, to carry you all day long.

My Story

I am Jolanda van Eijk, designer of EIJK shoes and founder of the company.

I believe in products that give you comfort and an instant great look.

Having been a fashion designer for 20 years, my work took me around the world to be inspired, meet manufacturers, design new models, and manage the production process. As an avid heel wearer, I wore high heels, 4 to 5”, all day long. But the older I got, the more painful my feet became. As I don’t feel elegant in sneakers, I dreamt off a flirty heel that would be comfortable wearing 24/7.

From 2009-2012 I learned how to make shoes by hand at the Dutch Shoe Academy. A skill I wanted to possess to understand every single step of shoe manufacturing.

Kitted out with these skills, my first goal was to create a shoe with a heel of only 2.36” high, a shoe that I would like to walk on. Elegant, feminine, timeless, a little bit edgy, and above all comfortable!

I started by creating the perfect last. Then I brushed and brushed a block of wood until it became the unique EIJK heel. A heel with an optical illusion. It looks like a stiletto heel from the back while the side gives you the idea of an edgy half wedge.

Several types of EIJK shoes have this last and heel combination: Chelsea booties, knee-high boot, zipper booties, and pump.

The next steps were to find a production company in Italy and to set up my collection, made by craftsmen in the Marche region, Italy.

In March 2014 EIJK shoes were in stores and online to make women happy!

High heeled shoes made from soft leather, looking contemporary, and being so comfortable you can wear them all day long!

Jolanda van Eijk – Designer and owner of the brand EIJK
Our Story

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Our Story