Saphir Réno’Mat


Are your shoes in need of a makeover? Then dirt, old wax, cream, and wax must of course be removed. You do that with Saphir Renomat. It is one of the better/stronger cleaners out there.

Réno’Mat is a cleaner that deeply cleans smooth leather, removing dirt, resin, or silicone-based deposits. It’s an essential step before using shoe cream or polish, as it opens the pores of the leather, allowing natural nourishing products from Saphir to penetrate the deep layers of the leather dermis. This deep hydration helps prevent the leather from breaking and keeps it in good condition for longer.

How to use

First, clean the shoe with a (clean) soft cloth (dust and sand clean)
Shake the bottle before using
Apply with a clean soft cloth the Réno’Mat cleaner. NOTE: you don’t need much, start with a small amount!
Test the Renomat on a small, inconspicuous area of the shoe’s leather before using it.

Make sure you touch all surfaces properly so that there is no color difference later. You can effortlessly remove old wax and cream layers so that you can start again at the basics.
Leave for 15 min
Done cleaning? Wipe the shoes thoroughly so that no Renomat remains.
Let the shoes dry thoroughly.

And then you continue with caring for the leather. Do that with a Renovateur (Lotion). This ensures that the leather is well-nourished and protected from the inside. The weather, water and dirt then have less grip on the leather.

After feeding, you start using shoe cream or shoe wax or a combination of these.

It is always best to clean smooth leather instead of trying to hide the dirt by recoloring.
Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-aggressive formula. Best used once every 6-12 months or when treating stains. (depending on how often you wear the shoes and how often you shine them).

Réno’Mat is also recommended for sneakers (rubber soles).

main ingredients

No silicone or Resin
Non-aggressive formula
Saphire uses organic ingredients to provide the basis of the leather care products
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Made in France

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