Sleeveless black jacket


EIJK has expanded its collection to include a stylish waistcoat/sleeveless jacket.

What makes this sleeveless jacket truly exceptional is its composition – crafted from repurposed materials, it’s made from three chinos, with distinct details reminiscent of these pants woven into its design.

This innovative collaboration between EIJK and De Bijenkorf champions upcycling, breathing new life into damaged items and significantly reducing chino waste. Through this process, we’re able to give these materials added value by transforming them into distinctive, unique products.

Rest assured, every EIJK sleeveless jacket is a piece of Dutch design, lovingly handcrafted in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Each chino is meticulously cut and assembled by hand, so while some minor “imperfections” may occur due to the handmade nature, it’s a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into each piece.


  • Loose fit
  • One size Petite (Length 166cm, suitable for clothing sizes 36 to 40)
  • One size Long (Length 184cm, suitable for clothing sizes 36 to 40)

Elevate your style with this sustainable, one-of-a-kind sleeveless jacket from EIJK.


We are thrilled to announce our foray into the world of fashion, and it’s all thanks to an inspiring collaboration between De Bijenkorf and De Wasserij. Together, we are turning abandoned items into beautifully upcycled garments, marking a significant step in our journey towards sustainability and innovation.

This unique partnership breathes new life into forgotten materials, transforming them into fresh, stylish creations that reflect our commitment to both fashion and the environment. It’s a true celebration of repurposing and craftsmanship, where the old is reborn into something exciting and new.

At EIJK, we are proud to be a part of this initiative, and we invite you to explore our latest collection, where each piece tells a story of creativity, sustainability, and the boundless possibilities of collaboration. Join us on this remarkable journey as we redefine fashion and contribute to a brighter, greener future.


Due to my reliance on the materials at hand, these sleeveless jackets are produced in limited quantities. Consequently, each will exhibit slight variations, as the cutting process is contingent upon available pants.


More EIJK items are available at the pop-up store Wasserij DE WINKEL, at de Bijenkorf. Check out our Instagram to see where you can try and buy even more cool up-cycled garments!


You can also order online, with a delivery time of approx. 2 weeks **.


In addition, it is possible to have this item made from 3 trousers*** that you (or your partner) no longer wear. And give your pants a new lease of life!



  1. These jackets are manufactured in the sequence of order reception, with delivery times potentially extending due to order volume.
  2. The quantity of pants required may vary based on the size.



Dutch Design


Fabricated in Rotterdam, Netherlands



Sleeveless black jacket


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