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Q&A - Tzeinour (intern) & Jolanda (Owner and Designer of EIJK)

What inspired you to start your shoe brand, and what sets EIJK apart from other brands?

My personal experience with painful feet from wearing high heels ignited my passion for creating EIJK. I envisioned elegant shoes that you can comfortably wear around the clock. EIJK stands out with its commitment to timeless design with a unique twist and dedication to sustainability . I aim to craft shoes that offer lasting comfort and style , while consciously choosing materials and processes that are kind to the planet.

Could you describe the design and production process of your shoes, and what aspects are most important to you?

The design process starts with identifying a void in certain shoe models, followed by sketching out various ideas. I then create a prototype to test the fit on the foot, refining the design before it’s crafted in Italy with premium materials and craftsmanship. My priority is that each pair meets my vision of comfort, style, and sustainability.

How do you select the materials for your shoes?

EIJK shoes have been produced for ten years by a small artisanal family business in Italy ‘s Marche region, known for its rich shoemaking tradition . We have access to exquisite overstock leather from luxury fashion houses, repurposing them for our limited productions , which helps reduce overproduction and promotes sustainability .

Who is the EIJK brand aimed at?

EIJK caters to stylish women who value comfort and elegance. Our clients often navigate busy urban lives, demanding quality footwear that fuses their personal style with comfort, allowing them to transition seamlessly from business lunches to unexpected evenings out without compromising on their appearance or comfort.

How do you handle competition, and what makes your brand unique?

We focus on what makes us unique: timeless design, comfort, and sustainability . Concentrating on these core values distinguishes us from the competition and fosters a loyal customer base that shares our vision.

Can you share the mission and values of your brand?

My mission is to provide women’s shoes that combine style and all-day comfort.
Our values encompass sustainability, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance .

How would you describe the style and aesthetics of your shoes?

EIJK shoes embody timeless elegance with an edge and a subtle twist that sets us apart from the crowd.

Can you tell us about any collaborations and how they contribute to your brand’s growth and visibility?

EIJK has partnered with ‘de Bijenkorf x de Wasserij‘ to focus on sustainable fashion, transforming rejected and unsold items into high-quality, desirable products. This aligns perfectly with EIJK’s innovative
approach to fashion design, resulting in a capsule collection crafted from water-damaged denim
that couldn’t be sold otherwise.

While I cannot specify any current collaborations, I am always open to opportunities that align with our shared values and vision for sustainability.

Denim ankle Chesea boots with elastic to easily sliding in the shoe

How does your brand respond to changing fashion trends, and how do you keep your collections relevant?

While steadfast in our core values of comfort, style, and sustainability, we also stay attuned to industry trends to ensure our collections remain contemporary regarding materials and colors. We strike a balance between timeless designs and modern trends, so our shoes remain relevant without losing their classic appeal.

We monitor trends but are not dictated by them.

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