Sleeveless black jacket

349,00 (Nederlands) incl vat

Available at de Bijenkorf in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Online pre-order: sleeveless black jacket.



One size

(size 36 up to size 40)


Sleeveless black jacket


EIJK has added a piece of clothing to its collection for the first time: a cool waistcoat / sleeveless jacket.


This unique sleeveless jacket is made from 3 chinos, you recognise the details of these pants in the design.



This up-cycling collaboration between EIJK and De Bijenkorf gives damaged items a second life.


This reduces the waste of the chinos to a minimum.


And the products are reused in such a way that they get more value in new unique products.




The materials of the Bijenkorf are also used in various shoes, such as ankle boots, loafers and sandals.


The EIJK  sleeveless jackets are Dutch design, and locally manufactured in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


All chinos are carefully cut and crafted by hand. Despite great care, there may be minor ‘damage’ to the article, due to the loosening of the seams. However, you can see from this that it is really made entirely by hand.



Loose fit

One size (suitable for clothing size 36 to size 40)



Because I’m depended to the available materials, these sleeveless jackets are made in very small numbers. And they will all differ slightly from each other, since the way of cutting depends on the available pants.


At the moment you can try on and buy various Cool sleeveless jackets at the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


You can also place an online order, which will be delivered within 2 weeks **.


In addition, it is possible to have this item made from 3 trousers*** that you (or your partner) no longer wear. And give your trousers a new lease of life!



** depending on the orders received, they are made in order of complete order receipt. And the delivery time may take longer.

*** depending on the size, more pants will be needed.



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Sleeveless black jacket


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Waistcoat / Sleeveless jacket


Up-cycled chinos






Dutch Design


Fabricated in Rotterdam, Netherlands



Sleeveless black jacket

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