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ELLE – EIJK publication

Elle Juni 2014 ELLE Juni 14 EIJK Nena cream

Shoes featured: NENA

In ELLE Juni 2014

Eijk is on a mission to make high quality shoes for women, that feel like slippers…Shoes designed by a woman for woman.
With a permanent collection Jolanda created timeless luxury footwear that is not based on trends, but want to remain a CLASSIC for each women.

The shoes are made in small editions by scaled Italian Craftsmen. So no mass productions to ensure that the focus is on quality, durability and comfort.

The 6cm optical high heel.

Which is a comfortable heel height to enjoy your day. With the exclusive and unique Eijk heel you get extra support underneath your feet. Which gives you an elegant look and the possibility to have a good day without burning feet. When you look from center back, you see the thin stiletto heel. And when you look at the side you see the cool wedge look, that gives your feet the support during the day.